• How Long Should Work Boots Last?

    Just like in other types of shoes, it is difficult to tell how long your pair of work boots are going to last. Work boot durability depends on built quality, how they are used as well as wear behavior of the owner. If you have habits of dragging your feet, hitting stones on the way or using your boots to stop a bicycle by grinding on the ground then, you should expect them to last very long. With proper use and maintenance, your boots should serve you for about 3 years before showing serious signs of wear and tear. Similarly, if you make a habit of cleaning, oiling and drying your boots well, you are going to use them for a long time.

    As we tackle the question on how long should work boots last, it is important to look at the best boots available in the market at the moment including;


    Timberland Pro Titan Work Boots

    Timberland pro is one of the most robust footwear which is currently sold online. These boots are fitted with a comfort pad to ease pressure your feet making you feel comfortable all the time. The titan boots comes ready for wear with no break in period. With a safety toe made of aluminum, the boots assures your safety even as you work in hazardous areas.


    Red Wing Heritage Work Boots

    Red Wing boots comes with a thick sole that is contoured to offer great support to the wearer’s foot. They are perfect to wear when working in hard surfaces such as concrete filled floors. Also, Red Wing boots are made of light weight materials so that they can be comfortable on the feet. They therefore will tire you even when walking for long distances. These boots are considered to be the best combat boots (Read more on footwearjoy.com)


    Wolverine Rider Boot

    Wolverine boots are reputable for being both comfortable and long lasting. Each boot is fitted with a multishox comfort system that comprises of a pressure pad on the outside and soft innersole on the inside. This boot is contoured in the middle to not only provide cushioning of a sport shoe but also, maintain the hardiness of a work boot.


    Keen Tacoma Boots

    Keen Work Boot Company has brought a solution to the weight concern by work boot wearers by making the Tacoma boot. They have managed to make a light weight boot through several weight loss measures. Keen has reduced the amount of steel cover over the toes by enlarging the part that protects your big toe and reducing the other part that covers your small toes.


    Thorogood American Heritage Work Boot

    The heritage is a stylish boot from Thorogood Boot Company. Not only is it made of tough leather but also, the heritage is designed for proper aeration. You can easily use them under scorching sunlight as they are comfortable boots for summer.